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Dharma - life in a Laotian temple. A photographic essay based around the lives of monks and novices in two temples within Luang Prabang, Lao. All images have been photographed on B&W film and hand-printed onto archival silver-gelatine, fibre-based photographic paper. All proceeds from the sales of these photographs goes to COPE (Cooperative Orthotic Prosthetic Enterprise) based in Vientiane to pay for the manufacturing of prosthetics and fund rehabilitation programs to help Laotian children who have been victims of landmines. This fundraising project is supported by the monks and novices who I have photographed.
Monk Vanna 1Novice LitNovice TuiNovice PhotFollowing the LightThe MessengerThe Reading 2Prayer Time 1OrdinationPreparing for PrayerThe Drum-makersThe JourneyThe Reading 3Awaiting the Moon 1HomeNovices Somsouck and MengyangWisdomPrayer Time 2Prayer Time 3Awaiting the Moon 2